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微软亚洲研究院Web Search and Mining(WSM)组招收实习生(更新)

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???? Web Search and Mining(WSM)
Position: Intern (full-time)
Group: Web Search and Mining Group
Quantity: 2~3
Work Location: Beijing
Group Overview
Knowledge is important in facilitating the understanding of human communication. Our mission is to develop infrastructures and mechanisms to support knowledge acquisition and serving. We work on enabling techniques for the physical infrastructure (graph-based knowledge store), the logical infrastructure (reasoning over uncertain data), and applications (search, question and answering, NLP, etc).
Required Qualifications:
1. Familiar with Probability theory, Data mining.
2. Have the experience of doing research.
3. Good problem solving skill and data analysis skill.
4. Familiar with C#, Java or C++.
5. More than 6 months full-time with Supervisor’s permission.
6. Good communication skill, patient and easy to get along with.





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  1. 丕子 said,

    2010年December8日 at 18:53

    不错 前一段时间申请的视觉组的没进去

  2. seooriginal said,

    2010年December12日 at 3:23


  3. 瑞典lelo said,

    2010年December25日 at 12:38


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