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Technology advances in communications, computation, and storage result in huge collections of data, capturing information of value to business, science, government, and society. Data volumes are currently growing faster than Moore’s law. Looking forward, the exponential growth is not likely to stop. The huge size of data is imposing big challenges on infrastructure for data storage which can achieve economical scaling to even more than Petabyte, massively parallel query execution, and facilities for analytical processing. Meanwhile, the rise of large data centers and cluster computers has created a new business model, cloud-based computing, where businesses and individuals can rent storage and computing capacity, rather than making the large capital investments needed to construct and provision large-scale computer installations. Cloud-based data storage and management is a rapidly expanding business. Whilst these emerging services have reduced the cost of data storage and delivery by several orders of magnitude, there is significant complexity involved in ensuring large data service can scale when needed to ensure consistent and reliable operation under peak loads. Cloud-based environment has the technical requirement to manage data center virtualization, lowers cost and boosts reliability by consolidating systems on the cloud. In addition, in an ideal world, the cloud systems should be geographically dispersed to reduce their vulnerability due to earthquakes and other catastrophes, which increase technical challenge on a great level of distributed data interoperability and mobility.

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