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关于Windows 7的一些消息

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1?Windows 7???????????

?????????????????Windows 7???????????????Windows 7????????

??1?10???????Windows 7 Beta????????????????????????????????????????????Windows 7??????Windows Vista?????????????????????????Windows 7?????????????????????Windows 7 Beta??????????????Beta2????????4????Windows 7 RC(Windwos 7?????)?

???Windows 7???????????Windows 7???(Starter)? Windows 7?????(Home Basic) ?Windows 7?????(Home Premium) ?Windows 7???(Professional)? Windows 7???(Enterprise)?Windows 7???( Ultimate)?

2?Vista???????????Windows 7

????????7???Windows 7???????Windows Vista?????????????Windows 7?

????????????TechARP??????????????????Windows Vista???????????1?31?????Windows Vista????????????Windows 7??????????????????????????

??Windows 7?Vista???????????????????????

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