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Problem caused by antivirus or firewall program

You received this message because your antivirus or firewall program has caused a blue screen error, which means the computer has shut down abruptly to protect itself from potential data corruption or loss.




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  1. 最近杀毒软件业颇不平静,瑞星到了最关键的时刻 仲子说 热门话题, 瑞星 网络安全 said,

    2009年February19日 at 13:22

    […] 去年一年,瑞星与360之争闹得沸沸扬扬。我之前在《杀毒软件的“免费时代”是否到来?》介绍了瑞星与360关于免费杀毒软件之争;在《瑞星与360的“暗战”已经严重危害到了用户的数据安全》介绍了同时安装瑞星和360可能带来的问题。 […]

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