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????????Windows Server  2003??????????cpqnimgt.exe?????200?M?????????????????????????????/???HP/Compaq?????????????

This is a valid program that is required to run at startup.

This program is required to run on startup in order to benefit from its functionality or so that the program will work. 

Name: HP Insight NIC Agents

Filename: cpqnimgt.exe

Command: C:\WINDOWS\system32\CPQNiMgt\cpqnimgt.exe

Description: HP Insight Management Agents perform in-depth monitoring of a device’s state by collecting and measuring key parameters on the device. The HP Insight NIC Agent displays information about logical HP Network Interface Controllers (NICs) that are configured on the system being managed. It also generates SNMP alarms when thresholds on key parameters are exceeded.

File Location: C:\WINDOWS\system32\CPQNiMgt\cpqnimgt.exe

Startup Type: This startup entry is installed as a Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP, or Vista service.
??????????????????Windows NT?2000?2003?XP??Vista????


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