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1.3. Installing PHPeclipse
There are two ways to install this plugin, automated or manual.
1.3.1. Automated
An automated installation of PHPEclipse is available via the Eclipse Update Manager.
? Click on Help->Software Updates->Find and Install... from the Eclipse menu bar. See Figure 1.1, “Find and Install...”
? Select the radio button labeled, "search for new features to install". See Figure 1.2, “Feature Update”
? Click on the New Remote Site button (see Figure 1.3, “Update sites to visit”), and input the following:
? Name: PHPeclipse official releases
? URL:
If you are interested in unofficial releases you can also add a second “Remote Site”:
? Name: PHPeclipse cvs releases
? URL:
? Click on Finish. eclipse will now look for new versions of PHPeclipse. If the eclipse update manager finds something new, you can select the new version within a dialog. See Figure 1.4, “Updates Search Results”.
? Click on Next, and the download of the selected versions begins. See Figure 1.5, “Update Manager Progress”.

There may be a problem during automatic installation, if you use the Install All button during the Eclipse “Find/Install” feature. If the installation stops with an “connection timed out” message (when downloading additional files), close and restart Eclipse and use the Install button instead of the Install All button - this will require you to start the installation of the (currently) four packages manually but resolves the problem.

Figure 1.1. Find and Install...

Figure 1.2. Feature Update

Figure 1.3. Update sites to visit

Figure 1.4. Updates Search Results

Figure 1.5. Update Manager Progress
Fedora Core 4 (and above) Users:
If clicking on Help->Software Updates->Find/Install commands produces an error message like "Error creating feature "file:/usr/share/eclipse/features/org.eclipse.rcp.source_3.1.1/". [/usr/share/eclipse/features/org.eclipse.rcp.source_3.1.1/feature.xml (No such file or directory)]", start Eclipse as root and try again. (Once you're over this hurdle everything goes smoothly -- even as a non-root user!)
1.3.2. Manual
To install PHPeclipse manually, first download the latest version from SourceForge
The PHPeclipse zip file must be extracted in the same directory in which you installed eclipse. It contains two directories, plugins and features, and these must match to the plugins and features directory in your existing eclipse directory. See Figure 1.6, “Search for new features to install”

eclipse 3.x caches all plugin.xml files into a single repository for quicker loading. If you used eclipse before installing PHPeclipse, you should start eclipse once with the -clean option. This -clean forces eclipse to rebuild that repository. This applies to anything that is installed into eclipse by unzipping it into its plugins folder.
After extracting PHPeclipse, (re)start eclipse. PHPeclipse will be loaded automatically. If NOT, you should enable it manually. Open the Help->Software Updates->Manage Configuration menu and click the Show Disabled Features button from the toolbar if not enabled yet. See Figure 1.7, “Enable PHPeclipse in case it is disabled”

Figure 1.6. Search for new features to install

Figure 1.7. Enable PHPeclipse in case it is disabled
1.3.3. Switch between different PHPeclipse versions
If you install a new version (with a higher version number), this version will be activated by default. But sometimes it could be necessary to switch back to an older version (maybe of buggy “unofficial release”).
Switching back to any other version could be done in the following way:
? Click on Help->Software Updates->Manage Configuration from the Eclipse menu bar. See Figure 1.8, “Manage Configuration”

Figure 1.8. Manage Configuration

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